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Stop’n by Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic this year! Booth #438

Hey Everyone!

AMP (Association of Music Parents) invited by their booth this week at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic this year!  They’ll be selling both Band Nerds books all week for those last minute Christmas gifts and I’ll be there on Thursday around 10:30 to sign copies and have fun!  

Please tell your parents (or if you are a parent, tell yourself) about AMP.  They are fighting for Music Education on a National Level and is run by some very dedicated people!

- 13th 

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AMP! It’s like Parent’s Band Nerd Breakfast Club.

Hey Everyone, 

If your parents (or you if you are a parent) don’t know about AMP, they need to.  This is THE national parent organization that is fighting to keep our music programs going and funded.  Parents spend so much time battling the obstacles stacked against music education and now they don’t have to alone!  Have them just check out the site and they’ll be convinced they’re on the right side of the good fight!

- The 13th Chair

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