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Hi Everyone!  Here’s my latest children’s book Sam & The Jungle Band!  If you get a chance pick up a copy on Amazon or digitally on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch!  (The digital version is an enhanced FEATURED READ ALOUD title!  Thanks for the support!

Available on Amazon and iBookstore (iPad)

Sam is a monkey who plays the guitar. He’s the only monkey who plays the guitar. But why do no other types of animals come to hear him play? Sam sets out to find the answer. Along the way he meets a few new musical friends: a gigantic, yellow, drum set-playing elephant; a ssssnake who sssslaps the basssssss; a macaw who plays the congas; an electric guitar-shredding tiger; and The Professor, a mysterious tarsier rock’n the piano. Join the group as they learn to play together, and Sam learns the importance of including others. Author DJ Corchin and illustrator Dan Dougherty team up once again to create a beautifully immersive world for both children and adults. Their unique, witty, and good-natured vision brings to life the memorable characters in book one of the Sam & The Jungle Band series.

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